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Anthony Valverde, Aloha Section PGA

ASPGA Japan Tsunami Relief Fund

Raised so far

$ 1,075.00

Fundraising goal $ 1,000.00

Raised in 2011 : $ 1,075.00

Anthony Valverde, Aloha Section PGA


I need your help!

I have committed to play 100 holes of golf in 1 day. Playing 1 ball and 1 hole at a time I will raise money for the Aloha Section PGA Foundation and the ASPGA Japan Tsunami Relief Fund. On Monday, August 29th, I will begin the 100 hole challenge.

Why 100 holes of golf you may ask? Well I feel that by supporting the ASPGA Tsunami Relief Fund it will help many in need and provide hope for the people affected by the devastating tsunami in Japan.

I have sponsored myself for $1 per hole or $100 and I hope you can follow my lead. Your pledge of $.50, $1, $2, $5 or anything per hole would be greatly appreciated and go a long way to providing opportunities and programs for the Aloha Section PGA Foundation and the ASPGA Tsunami Relief Fund.

The success of this event lies in your hands. Your generosity and support will help the lives of so many others.

Please support Aloha PGA for Japan!

Recent Sponsors

Mr. Anthony Castanon 8/11/2011 $ 50.00 Good luck and have a blast wish I could be playing in Hawaii
Mr. Richard/Carole Soria 8/10/2011 $ 50.00 Good Luck Anthony!
Keneze Kim 8/10/2011 $ 500.00 Happy to support a great cause!
SCPGA Foundation 8/5/2011 $ 100.00 Better take more than one ball, AV! Good luck to you and the Aloha PGA!
DJ Baumer 8/4/2011 $ 75.00 Bring a change of socks
Michelle Johnson 8/2/2011 $ 50.00 Good Luck Anthony!!!
Mom & Dad 7/29/2011 $ 150.00 So proud!! The Aloha Section is lucky to have you...
jed gushman 7/27/2011 $ 100.00