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Ben Wisler, McCormick Creek Golf Course

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Family Christian Development Center

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$ 1,161.00

Fundraising goal $ 2,000.00

Raised in 2011 : $ 1,161.00

Ben Wisler, McCormick Creek Golf Course

Dear Friend,

I am going to not only play 108 holes of golf but am also going to walk it all in one day and I need your help! On June 30, 2011 I will be conducting an all day golf marathon at McCormick Creek Golf Course to raise money for the Indiana Golf Foundation and the Family Christian Development Center. www.fcdcin.org I will be joined by other Indiana PGA Professionals, amateur golfers, and even junior golfers who will be playing at courses throughout the state to raise money for charity. My goal is to play 108 holes and raise $2000+! 

The Indiana Golf Foundation’s mission is to teach life lessons through the game of golf. The golf marathon will raise money to support the Foundation’s programs that include the Gongaware Junior Golf Academy, Indiana Junior Golf Tour, and scholarship funds for high school seniors pursuing a college degree.

The 2011 program will not only benefit the Indiana Golf Foundation, but local charities as well. Each golf professional or amateur golfer who conducts a golf marathon will select a local charity that will benefit in addition to the Indiana Golf Foundation. I have selected The Family Christian Development Center. The Foundation will keep 70 percent of the funds raised and the remaining 30 percent will be donated by the Foundation to The Family Christian Development Center.

Pledges can be made by assigning a monetary amount to the number of holes played. For example, if you pledge .50 cents per hole and I play 108 holes, your donation would be $54.00. You may also choose to make a flat donation in lieu of a pledge. All pledges and donations will be acknowledged by the Indiana Golf Foundation as 100% tax deductible gifts to support the Indiana Golf Foundation and a local charity of their choice.

I appreciate your support. Thank you!

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Mr. Randy Stutzman 7/15/2011
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Mr. Curt and Karen Rowland 7/11/2011
Ms. M. Wilson 7/8/2011
Ms. A. Wilson 7/8/2011
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Mrs. JoAnn Clem 7/7/2011
Mr. Ron & Connie Fields 7/7/2011
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Ms. Kathy Baker 6/13/2011