Player Agreement

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PGA Golf Day - Player Agreement

I have read and agree to the following: 

  • I agree to play 100 holes of golf in one day sometime April - October, 2018.
  • I agree to only have one ball in play the entire 100 holes.
  • I agree to raise a minimum of $20 per hole ($2,000) in pledges.
  • I agree to provide a .jpg picture of myself for use on this website.
  • I agree to thank all my pledges within one week of the event.

Website Specifications:  
I realize that I am representing the Philadelphia Section PGA Foundation, the Philadelphia Section PGA, their charities and programs and all my sponsors while engaged in this fundraiser. I will conduct myself in accordance with the PGA Code of Ethics for the entirety of the event.  In the event that I cannot fulfill my obligations of 100 holes I will inform the Philadelphia Section PGA Foundation immediately so that accommodations can be made.