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Make-A-Wish Foundation

Make-A-Wish Foundation grants wishes to children with life threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.

Since 1980, the Make-A-Wish Foundation® has enriched the lives of children with life-threatening medical conditions through its wish-granting work. The Foundation's mission reflects the life-changing impact that a Make-A-Wish® experience has on children, families, referral sources, donors, sponsors and entire communities.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation was founded in 1980 after a little boy named Chris Greicius realized his heartfelt wish to become a police officer. Since its humble beginnings, the organization has blossomed into a worldwide phenomenon, reaching more than 193,000 children around the world.

Although it has become one of the world's most well-known charities, the Make-A-Wish Foundation has maintained the grassroots fulfillment of its mission. A network of nearly 25,000 volunteers enable the Make-A-Wish Foundation to serve children with life-threatening medical conditions. Volunteers serve as wish granters, fundraisers, special events assistants and in numerous other capacities.

As the Foundation continues to mature, its mission will remain steadfast. Wish children of the past, present and future will have an opportunity to share the power of a wish®.

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Our Make-A-Wish Recipients

Alli- Montana Age 6

"I wish to meet Doc McStuffins"

Alli has long battled Spina Bifida, Chiari Malformation, and other complicating conditions that have left her nearly wheelchair bound and in fargile health.  Alli has spent her life in hospitals adn surrounded by doctors.  Through her many hospital excursions and prolonged times of bed-rest, Allie fell in love with a very unique Disney character - Doc McStuffins.  Doc McStuffins is a little girl with a big imagination, she spends her time healing and taking care of her many stuffed animals.  Alli wishes to go to Disney World in Orlando and meet Dock McStuffins.

Nikolas - Southern Idaho Age 4

"I wish to go to Disneyland"

Nikolas is 4 years old from Gooding, Idaho.  He is currently undergoing treatments for Neuroblastoma.  Because of his treatment schedule his wish will be in October 2013.  Nikolas has wished to go to Disneyland and to be there for Halloween.  Disneyland recently opened a Cars (the movie) theme park "Cars Land."  Nikolas can quote most of the movie and loves everything Lightning McQueen and Mator!   

Prescott - Eastern Idaho Age 4

"I wish to go to Disney World"

Prescott is 4 years old from Eastern Idaho.  He is battling Pulmonary Hypertension.  His wish is to go to Disney World over the summer of 2013.  Prescott is most looking forward to hugging Mickey and riding the Wald Disney Railroad steam-powered train.  He will share his trip with his parents and three older brothers.

John- Southwest, Idaho Age 17

John is a 17 year old young man from Caldwell diagnosed with polymicrogyria / arthrogryposin when he was a very young boy.  John uses a voice communication device and has been in a wheelchair all his life.  he loves cowboys and especially John Wayne.  He loves to watch old movies, tell jokes through his voice machine and smile and laugh with others.  There are many things John would like to have and to do and he has narrowed down his wish to have a "room re-do."  So the wish granters are working on a design for his room which will allow him to do more things for himself.  He will also get some new electronic devices to help entertain him while spending more time in his new room!