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South Florida Section PGA Golf Day

PGA Golf Professionals
do much more than play golf!

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PGA Golf Day was established by PGA Professionals in the South Florida Section PGA to raise money for special causes through the South Florida Section PGA Foundation. PGA Professionals and friends of the SFPGA will play 100 holes of golf, all in 1 day, 1 ball, and 1 hole at a time.  Participants kindly request donations to support their chosen charity as well as various initiatives supported by the Foundation.

The South Florida Section PGA Foundation is a 501 (c)3 charitable organization which was formed to provide support to a wide variety of local programs. Its purpose ranges from promoting junior golf in Florida, Habitat for Humanity, scholarships and grants, as well as the SFPGA’s own Smiling for Life program. Please visit our Foundation page to learn more about the causes we work to support.

We hope that you will join us and support your favorite participating player, or even consider taking part in our event. Contributions can be easily submitted here on this website with a credit card. You’ll immediately receive a tax receipt and your player gets full credit on our leaderboards. Thank you in advance for all your support of the SFPGA!

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