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$ 32,922.00

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Doug Westcott, Desert Highlands

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$ 14,519.00

Fundraising goal $ 10,000.00

Raised in 2010 : $ 7,301.00
Raised in 2011 : $ 12,330.00
Raised in 2012 : $ 11,793.00
Raised in 2013 : $ 15,558.00
Raised in 2014 : $ 11,810.00
Raised in 2015 : $ 5,958.00
Raised in 2016 : $ 14,519.00

Doug Westcott, Desert Highlands

Dear Friend,

I am asking for your help! The Staff at Desert Highlands have committed to participate in PGA Golf Day. PGA Golf Day is an initiative put together by local PGA professionals to raise money for Special Olympics Arizona and the SWSPGA Foundation. As a result of generous donations, we have raised over $65,000 over the past 8 years through our involvement with PGA Golf Day .

Why is this so important to me? After participating in this fundraiser over the past five years I realize how important Golf and Sports are to the athletes of the Special Olympics. This organization provides year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. The SWSPGA Foundation is the ten-year-old, non-profit arm of the Southwest Section PGA. The Foundation has generously contributed to the community and charities like the 9/11 Relief Fund, Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross, and Phoenix Children's Hospital.

We have committed to play 108 holes of golf in one day on my home golf course, Desert Highlands, on September 15, 2016, that’s over 22.37 miles of golf, and I have sponsored myself for $216.

Please help us reach our goal of $10,000 by sponsoring me for $50, $100, $200, or more. Every little bit counts! Best of all, your pledge is 100% tax deductible. We calling on you this year to pledge your support as we strive to reach a goal of $100,000 for Special Olympics and the SWSPGA Foundation.

I really need and appreciate your support. I assure you, your pledge will go a long way in our efforts to provide quality sports training and athletic competitions for Special Olympic athletes and benefit many local charitable organizations supported by the SWSPGA Foundation.

Thank you for your consideration.

Doug Westcott, PGA
Derek Shelburne, PGA
Matt Housden, PGA
Desert Highlands
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Recent Sponsors

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Doug Westcott 9/23/2016
Rebecca Verdone 9/22/2016
Dennis & Anne Eardley 9/21/2016 Congratulations
Tom & Catherine Hullverson 9/19/2016 Doug, Derrick and Matt,Congratulations on the Special Olympics event.
Ms. Carey Fassler 9/16/2016
Tyler Mayer 9/16/2016 Congratulations to you and your team.
William Bacon 9/16/2016
Joe Shershenovich 9/16/2016 Congratulations Doug!Great job. Well done!
Jane and Jason 9/16/2016 Thanks for your commitment for such a worthy cause.
Linda K Shaw 9/16/2016 Thank you Doug, Matt & Derek. What a great gift you are giving. Proud of you.
Gregg and Barbara Smolenski 9/16/2016 Great job Doug Derek and Matt.
Michael Huff 9/16/2016 great cause!
William goldstandt 9/16/2016
Frank Fichera 9/16/2016 Great cause
Richard & Joanie Zecher 9/15/2016
Dr. Henry & Kathy Roenigk 9/15/2016
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Mr. Dan Gustafson 9/15/2016
Mr. David Butler 9/15/2016
Dr. Timothy Cadden 9/15/2016
Rebecca Bowman 9/15/2016
Diana Glover 9/15/2016 Thanks to all three of you for your support of such a special cause. Proud of all three of you!
Mike Goldman 9/15/2016 Good luck with the event!
Glenn McKee 9/15/2016
bucky zimmerman and pat miles 9/15/2016
brooks 9/15/2016 great effort for a great cause
Kathy and Tom Plimpton 9/15/2016 Thanks you three for doing this. Nice day for golf!
Mrs. Liz Gett 9/15/2016 Good luck guys!
Douglas Colby 9/15/2016 Great cause. Good Luck!
Doug Westcott 9/15/2016
Debbie and David Medalie 9/15/2016
Derek Travers 9/15/2016 Way to go Doug! Happy to support.
Kimberly Kleppen 9/14/2016
Firerock Boys 9/14/2016
Harry Westcott 9/14/2016 Keep up the good work, Son. Proud of you.
Del Cochran 9/14/2016 Great job!
Nissa Sjoberg 9/14/2016 Good Luck!!
Charles Johnston 9/14/2016
Kristy Schmidt 9/14/2016 Good job, lil' brother! Thank you for supporting a great cause.
Tom Martz 9/14/2016 Doug,Derek and Matt. Good job guys play well, I'll see you at the end of your journey. Doug good you're not playing with Grandpa (as Bloom calls me)
Marion & Bob Auray 9/14/2016 Very nice of you and the guys to do this!
Ken & Linda Wasserman 9/14/2016
Rich Murphy 9/14/2016
Bill & Heidi Katherman 9/14/2016 Best of luck! Thanks for taking the time for a great cause.
Cindy and Rich Sonstelie 9/14/2016
Nancy R 9/14/2016
Joe Schaper and Leslie Phillips 9/14/2016
Mrs. TERRY HITE 9/14/2016
Ellenmarie Beale 9/14/2016 A Big a Thank You to Doug, Matt & Derrick, it's a wonderful thing you guys are doing and for such a Great Cause!Have Fun!
Kevin McCarthy 9/14/2016
Debra Paget & Jeff Berg 9/14/2016 We're pleased to be able to support your efforts for this great organization.
Dave and Janelle Shaffer 9/13/2016 Janelle and I hope you have a lot of fun while raising this money.
Terra & John Waldron 9/13/2016 Best of luck for a terrific cause. We are proud of our Pros!
James Hayes 9/13/2016
robert and susn weis 9/13/2016
Gary and Mary Wefel 9/13/2016 Great to see all three of you participating this year..stay hydrated
Chuck Schwartz & Susan Thrasher 9/13/2016
Jerry and Mary Ellen Palmer 9/13/2016
Beryl and Barbara Armm 9/13/2016 Thanks Doug, Matt & Derek for all you do
Mr. Mark Kirk 9/13/2016
Bob & Jan Ackmann 9/13/2016 Thanks for doing and good luck!
Joan and Ron Yagoda 9/11/2016 Great cause! Way to go you three!!!
Greg & Leann Elkins 9/10/2016
Don & Connie Head 9/10/2016
Dr. Harold Chiat 9/10/2016
Mr. & Mrs. Levine 9/10/2016
Mr. Mark Levy 9/8/2016
Lois D 9/7/2016 Go for it!
jan and bill dash 9/6/2016 Great Cause.Thanks for participating.
Ms. Jo Anne Doll 9/3/2016
Jim Wiesenberg 8/31/2016 Three-peat
Lisa and Wally Maher 8/31/2016 Thank you Doug, Matt and Derek for your support of this great cause!
Mr. Tony Bennett 8/26/2016 Thank you.
Mr. Dennis O'Neal 8/22/2016
Jerry & Carol Lembas 8/13/2016 Look forward to seeing you at the finish!
Mr. patrick fleming 7/24/2016 Doug, Appreciate you and your team making this effort againto support this important cause.Swing easy!!!!! patrick fleming
Doug Westcott 7/24/2016 Thank you all for your support!
Jerry & Carol Lembas 7/20/2016 Great going, guys!
Janet & Darrell Elfeldt 7/12/2016 Thanks, great event. Have fun and drink lots of water.