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Fundraising goal $ 21,000.00

Raised in 2016 : $ 11,968.00


Dear GOLFTEC friends and family,

We need your help! We have committed to participate in this year's PGA Golf Day! What does that mean? On June 20th at Boulder Creek Golf Club, our GOLFTEC staff will begin a journey to play 100 holes of golf all in ONE DAY!! PGA Golf Day was established in 2009 by local PGA Professionals to raise money for the Southern Nevada Chapter of the Southwest Section PGA Foundation. These monies go to many worthy causes such as our local Southern Nevada PGA Jr. League participants, the Southern Nevada Junior Golf Association, the Southern Nevada Golf Association, and many other junior golf initiatives.

In addition, many organizations approach our local PGA Chapter to support their causes such as cancer research, Junior Diabetes research, UNLV PGA Program just to name a few.

Thank you so very much for considering sponsoring us in our effort to show support for our GREAT local community!

Recent Sponsors

Mr. Gay Van Haveren 6/26/2017 Good work guys!
patricia Atchison 6/25/2017 Great Job Joe! I hope you have recovered from the marathon effort! Much love. Aunt Patti
Mr. Ron Ohlhausen 6/22/2017
Michael Menzies 6/22/2017 Good job taking the heat for the kids!
Mr. Jimmy Clark 6/22/2017
Ohio Mazz Family 6/21/2017 Way to go Joe!
DJ! 6/19/2017 HYDRATE!!
Daniel Sj. 6/19/2017 Be safe out there!
Annette 6/17/2017 Go gettem'
Ashley Morris 6/17/2017
Pacific Masonry LLC 6/16/2017
Barney & Barbara Tabach 6/16/2017
GolfGirl 6/16/2017 Cheers to Joe!
Geese 6/16/2017 Don't parish
Al 6/16/2017 Good Luck Wes and stay cool
Mr. Robert Poole 6/16/2017 Long and straight, Tim
Lisa rollins 6/16/2017 Good luck Joe
West Coast Spine and Ortho 6/16/2017
Marcia F. 6/16/2017
Justin Doh 6/15/2017
Jim Nelson 6/15/2017
Renee Whitley 6/15/2017
VTN 6/14/2017
Florence Mazzaferri 6/14/2017 Always rooting for you, Joe!
Ray Brown Husband 6/14/2017 Long and straight, Joe!
Sharon Brown 6/14/2017 Good Luck, Joe!
Adam Rovit 6/14/2017
T. Holbert 6/14/2017
Jimmy 6/14/2017 Wes, keep cool. It will be a hot day.
Peters 6/13/2017
Ross Poppel 6/13/2017
Tom Shirasaka 6/13/2017
Craig Ghelfi 6/11/2017 stay cool out there!
Rick Bernstein 6/11/2017
Dennis & Debby Hite 6/10/2017
Ralph Overman 6/10/2017
Tab W. 6/10/2017 Go gettem' !!!
Julia Choi 6/10/2017
DB 6/10/2017
Masako Brown 6/9/2017
Michael Scholz 6/9/2017
Don Raatz 6/9/2017
Brian Burns 6/9/2017
Mrs. Diana Pool 6/7/2017
SC 6/6/2017
Bob Martinez 6/6/2017
JS 6/2/2017
Pat & Janette Byrne 6/2/2017 Have a blast!
HR 6/2/2017
Jeff Marquardt 6/2/2017 Tim - Have Fun! Jeff and Jenn
J. Taggart and P. Stanley 6/2/2017
Mark Claus 6/2/2017
Patrick Olson 6/2/2017 Have fun and stay hydrated!
Bob Light 6/2/2017 Good Luck Shawn, Play well, keep hydrated.
Dan Schwartz 6/2/2017 Good luck. Shawn you should play lefty. I have a set of clubs for you.
EAMON 6/1/2017 Have fun and play well.
Doug Hensley 6/1/2017
Paul Panuwat 5/30/2017
peter williams 6/21/2016
Sherry Mesecher 6/18/2016 Have fun!
Steinberg Family Foundation 6/16/2016
Amando Esguerra 6/15/2016
Timothy Sam 6/14/2016 Have a great day!
Robert Orgill 6/11/2016 Good luck, play well, drink water, and be ready for my lesson.
Hippo skippo 6/10/2016
PC 6/9/2016
dennyb 6/8/2016 Okay coach hit it straight
Mr. Scott Russell 6/8/2016 Keep your head and spin in line :))
Deb Freeman 6/8/2016 Good luck Tim!!
V. Jennings 6/7/2016 Good luck Tim.
Pat & Janette Byrne 6/7/2016 Great cause. Good luck!
Ken Gardner 6/7/2016 Good luck!
Mrs. Debra Hinther 6/7/2016
Mr. Ted Rogenski 6/7/2016
Alek 6/7/2016 Tim:Alek and I wish you well. Take plenty of bandaids.
Mr. Robert Eanes 6/7/2016
Mr. Brian Burns 6/6/2016
Dr. Robert Taylor 6/6/2016 Good luck and play well Tim and team! Great cause and great work!
Mr. DANIEL BROOKS 6/6/2016 Good luck tim. Great cause.
Mr. Joseph Essa 6/6/2016
DB 6/6/2016
Ian Coles 6/6/2016 Hope you are walking the course Tim.
Smart Home Systems & Theater 6/2/2016
MB 6/1/2016
AM 5/28/2016
GC 5/25/2016
Andrew Dannin 5/23/2016
Rob Poole 5/21/2016
BT 5/21/2016
DS 5/21/2016
DH 5/20/2016
MB 5/20/2016
AS 5/20/2016
JT 5/20/2016
Keith Beaman 5/19/2016
BB 5/19/2016
JS 5/18/2016
RK 5/18/2016